Friday, May 6, 2016

My last day as a 27 year old.

As I'm beginning to write this (which will be yesterday by the time this posts), I keep thinking...what will I remember from being 27? There's certain things I always remember when I think back on a certain age. Like when I think of being 23, I remember that was when John and I started dating." (And then I think "OMG, we were so little!!") Or 26, we got married. And I keep thinking back and going, nothing really happened this year? We got Ted. Maybe I'll remember that one in the future, but I'm not sure. I'll always remember him when I think of other things, like Texas. Or  always on our half year anniversary. It had nothing to do with what age I was in life. And then I started thinking about how in ten years I'll be 37. THIRTY-SEVEN. Apologies if you're 37, I just can't even imagine what that looks like right now. And I started thinking about how we'll probably have young kids at that point, and how our life will be completely different than it is right now. My life always feels different from year-to-year when I start to look back. Maybe it's because I'm always in a new place. Once last year I wrote in my journal every single thing I did for a day, just to document. And I read it back recently and kind of laughed. It was funny to remember the things that I was upset about that day, what I watched on tv, things I was looking forward to, planning, what John and I did or talked about that day. I thought about writing a letter to my 37 year old self, just for fun, but I'm sure that would get lost along the way. (Plus, it takes to long to write write.) So I thought I'd put together just an everyday timeline here of what my days looks like at 27. I probably couldn't have picked a more boring day...but someday this all might mean something. Or make me laugh. Or make me cry, who knows, haha.

4:45 - My alarm goes off. I keep waking up earlier and earlier ever since I started trying to juggle working out, and keeping up with blogging things and now Beachbody things. I like to get up before John and get going on the computer for a bit. I've always liked to wake up and be alone for a while. But we went to bed late, and I've been a bit exhuasted this week so I snooze two times. After the second snooze, I get up. Ted tries to follow me, but I close the door before he can get out. I wasn't kidding when I said I like to be alone for a while. The coffee's already made, so I pour a cup and while it cools down I wash my face. For some reason I always find this to be the hardest part of my whole morning, so I get it over with as soon as possible. I haven't washed my hair for three days so I put some dry shampoo in, put it up and put my workout clothes on. I've started just keeping these in the bathroom. I wouldn't usually, but I put some makeup on because I need to John to take some pictures of me this morning. I hear his first alarm go off at 5:30, so I know he'll be up soon. I go back into the kitchen and start drinking my coffee while I make him lunch. Egg salad sandwich, pretzels, yogurt, grapes/strawberries and some fruit snacks (<--lol). He gets up about 5:50, Ted greets me like he hasn't seen me in years. We play our little game that we do every morning where I get all excited and ask him if he wants to "get dressed" AKA put his collar on. (We take it off at night for him, are we weird lol?) I ask John really quick to take a few pictures for me since today is the last day of my second 21 day fix. I move everything out of the way and stand in front of the only open white wall we have in our bedroom. He has to go stand on the other side of the bed and when he does, Ted chases him and jumps up getting in the way. It makes us laugh. We're always laughing at him. I try not to be too picky about the pictures. As John finishes getting ready I start making the bed and we talk about how well we slept since we turned the air down lower. I tell him, "did you hear me? I snoozed twice!" We talk about the fact that it's Wednesday. We do this every day. "Today is ___blank day___." Not sure why? Helps get to the weekend faster? I don't know. Life is kind of weird right now. There's nothing going on and a lot going on at the same time.

6:00 - I put a sweatshirt on and we all leave the apartment together. Ted and I always walk John to his truck in the morning, but today we see a woman with a mean little dog so Ted and I go the other way. John drives away and I walk Ted around to ALL the grassy spots around our building until he finds the perfect spot. Every morning it's like this, "Ted potty. Ted, go potty. TED, POTTY. NOW!" He's very particular all of a sudden and it doesn't help that there's minimal grass here. (We're not fans of this apartment complex at all.) Once we get back inside, I feed him even though I know he won't eat yet. He's been boycotting his food lately. I get an idea for Instagram, so I change into a different outfit and take a few more pictures of myself. My mind is always going with new ideas and things I want to say. Right now I have about a million notes in my phone and lists and blog drafts of things I want to talk about, I just need a million hours to do them all...

7:00 - I make some turkey bacon I have leftover from last weekend with some little egg cups and strawberries. It's the first time I've bought turkey bacon and I kind of like it. (John does not, lol.) Ted throws up on his blanket that I just washed last night. I put it in the washer, again. I get on the computer and start editing some pictures. For six weeks now I've taken my picture every Friday, and I like to put them side-by-side to see the progress I'm making. When I put the one together that I want to post to Instagram, I almost start crying.  John texts me, "Hey love. How are you today?" I send him the picture and tell him that that I'm getting emotional today and how much it means to me that he's supporting me though this whole thing. (37 year old Morgan you will know what I'm talking about with going into all the details right?) I mess around with the pictures for WAY too long. I'm trying to get organized with my photo library and folders, but again, I feel like I need a million hours. Then I spend literally about an hour trying to write and rewrite up a caption to use. The original thought I had completely changed once I saw the pictures, and I take it in another direction. I don't need to post the whole thing here. (Or keep talking about it, lol.)

9:00 - I post to my social medias and get anxiety about it for a few minutes. But I get over it. It took me a long time to learn, but I don't really care what anyone thinks anymore. I open up a million browsers on the computer. I check my email. I check in with all my Facebook groups. I look over at a stack of to-do lists I keep piling up next to me, and decide that today is going to be the day that I do all the things I don't want to do. I start by paying my credit card, lol. I start researching and taking some notes about things that John needs for later. (Secret business...) I make it a goal to comment on at least four blogs today so I don't fall behind (as if it matters)...I do two and then get frustrated again with blogging. I guess I just feel like lately it's more of a waste of time to read things that have nothing to do with my own life. So I just check a few of my favorites and log out.

10:00 - I take Ted for a long walk around the complex. We see a chocolate lab at the dog park and I get excited and make a mental note to tell John about it. A new building just opened up so it must be a new family. Poor Ted has no friends here. (I tell him all the time, "it's okay Ted, neither do I!") When we get back I do my breakfast dishes, mess around in the kitchen for a while (I lose a lot of hours in the kitchen for some reason) and have a handful of almonds. Then for some reason I decide to make a "snack bag" with some almonds and raisins and put it in my purse. I'm always trying to make sure I have an emergency snack. I'm also always doing random things like this and wasting time...

11:00 - I move the furniture out of the way and turn on my yoga video. I meant to do it much earlier, but I got caught up (aka lost/distracted) on the computer/ in the kitchen. This is my last day and then I'm taking a 2-3 day break, and I almost talk myself out of doing it by saying that it doesn't do anything, I don't need it. But once I start I remember how good it feels to stretch for half an hour. Ted gets in my way the whole time, but he makes me laugh. I notice an F ton of dog hair on the floor while I'm down there, so I decide I should probably vacuum today so I don't have to worry about it this weekend. After yoga, I make my shake. I do chocolate today since I've already decided tomorrow will be strawberry (instead of chocolate because I alternate) because I get to have REAL chocolate tomorrow. I already know for my birthday treat tomorrow night I want a brownie with ice cream. NOT homemade. Those things don't live here anymore. I've already looked up the dessert menu from the resturant we're going to...

11:45 - I vaccuum the "easy way" meaning I don't move the rugs, I just go around them and get the hardwood floor. Oh, and the bedroom. Always the bedroom. It's the worst. When I'm in there I notice that John's low on work socks (he keeps them on top of Ted's crate, that we never use but keep in case we need it) so I throw a load of whites in the washer.

1:00 - No idea what I've been doing for the past hour or so, but probably a combination of making more to-do lists, getting on and off social media and opening up tab after tab after tab on the internet...

2:00 - I read another blog, where I get the idea to start this post. As I write, I keep checking out the window because I really wanted to take Ted to the dog park by now, but every time I look over, there's already someone there. I make a tuna sandwich for lunch since I opened a can yesterday. I have a problem with eating the same things over and over again. This week it's tuna sandwiches with celery and red pepper.

2:30 - It starts raining and I wish I would have taken Ted out already. I get paranoid if he doesn't get his 100 walks a day. The weather here lately is all sun/rain/sun/rain/sun/rain. We did finally get an email the other day though that the pool is opening today. We might try to go there this weekend...if there's not a million kids there and it's not raining...

2:45 - It stops raining and the sun is back out. (Weird right?) I take Ted to the dog park. There's not really much for him to do besides walk around and smell things. He picks up a big ball of clay (clay here is weird) and I sit on the bench and go, "no Ted. Drop it Ted..." And then when I stand up and point my finger at him like I really mean it, he starts running from me and I spend the next ten minutes pretending to chase him. This is just a game, but I play along because he's bored and I know it. Finally I've had enough though and I get him close to me by offering him a stick. Then I leash him back up and we leave to take a walk. Or he takes me for a walk, same thing. 

3:30 - I have a headache. I get back on the computer and mess around. (HOW BORING IS THIS??) This is usually the time of day when I start panicking and going, "oh my God I've got nothing done today?!" But I also knew today would be this way, so I don't really care. I feel like I've been going, going, going like the energizer bunny lately so I planned to chill today. But I have a hard time chilling. I answer some emails (does that make me sound busy lol?) until I get bored and decide to shut down for a while. I file my nails while I listen to a podcast. I have to be multi-tasking at all times, or I die. I paint my toenails white, but I'm not sure if I like it...

4:00 - The podcast gets me pumped up and gives me a second wind so I decide to get my life together. AKA take a shower and wash my hair, lol. I'm starving when I get out, so I have a lara bar while I dry my hair. I see the time and start thinking about dinner. I was going to grill today, but I'm not really in the mood anymore, so I try to think of something I can put in the oven. (Mostly because then I can still multi-task at home...I have a problem.) I cut some chicken up into strips, pour a jar of sun dried tomatoes on top and put that in the oven. I chop some potatoes to start later. It's about time for Ted to eat again so I give him his food and when he's not interested, I move his food bowl onto his bed and then he eats. He's so weird, lol. I take a picture to send to John. 

5:30 - I put the potatoes on and decide I have about 20 minutes to take Ted for another walk. This is not really the best time though because people are just starting to get home and he wants to say say hi to everyone so I do a lot of, "Hi neighbor. No this isn't a mean dog, I'm just holding him back so he doesn't jump on you.." We get the mail. I got some bday cards. (Thanks parents!) When we get closer to our building, I see that John's already home. Ted flips out over John. Every day. I comment on his shirt and how I thought he wore a red shirt today, but he didn't. He says maybe that was yesterday. Or maybe the day before. Who knows, we can't remember our days anymore, lol. (Busy, but not'll know 37 year old Morgan.) John just got off a call, he's in a good mood. Life is boring (clearly by this whole post...), but also in a really exciting place at the same time. (Maybe I should have just written a letter to myself after all, haha.) 

6:45 - We eat dinner. John eats all his broccoli first, which I know is because he wants to get it over with, lol. Ted climbs on the back of the couch behind us and watches us. He always does this. John and I argue over something stupid. (You don't need to know, or probably even want to know. I'm talking to people, not you 37 year old Morgan.) I keep asking him if he likes the chicken. He finally says not really and I tell him that he's supposed to lie, lol. When we're done eating we both sit there and mess around on our phones until I say, "I think we're avoiding cleaning up.." John does the dishes and I dry. I open and close the fridge about four times and then ask him if he wants to just go out to lunch tomorrow because I don't know what he can take to work. He says yes there's someone he should take out actually and I tell him to get a salad because we're going to eat a big dinner, haha. (Joking though, I don't really make him eat salads.) 

7:30 - John gets in the shower and I sit down to write an email for a friend who's interested in joining Beachbody. I get super excited about this stuff and I take way too long. I try to log out of everything by the time John gets home, but I don't like to keep people waiting, so I do it now. 

8:00 - We go over some of the research I did for John earlier in the day (this is getting extra boring now, lol) and I paint my fingernails white too, even though it kind of reminds me of white-out... 

9:30 - I make some sleepytime tea and we start watching Teen Mom which is SO STUPID but we've watched it for years so we can't stop now, lol. We started watching this episode the other night, but it kept freezing (we use Google Chrome from our iPad to the tv) so we fast forward to where we left off. At the end of the episode they shoot to Nathan (sorry if no one else watches Teen Mom, lol) wearing a pony tail and I snort out loud laughing. I ask John why he didn't laugh and he says because I startled him, lol. I brush my teeth. (John doesn't, lol.) We turned the air down way low again, so I cover us up in extra blankets. I pull Ted in the middle of us and tell him that I'm going to be 28 tomorrow and talk about how last year on my birthday he was a tiny little baby still. He doesn't care, lol. 

10:30 - I turn the lights off and John goes, "can I tell you something that's bothering me?" And I'm like, "DUH please do." And he tells me something that has to do with large amount of money and go-carting. (You'll know Morgan, lol.) My phone lights up the room with a notification or something, and John goes, "you forgot to turn your phone around." So I do that and I almost think about setting an alarm for tomorrow, but I decide not to. We fall asleep facing towards each other. 

...And now it is Friday, and I am 28. TWENTY-EIGHT!! Ten years from now I will wake up and be 38! I don't know what it is lately, but I can't stop using the phrase "life is short." But, LIFE IS SHORT! My first thought this morning was, "I'm not 27 anymore." Not that I'm sad about it, it just went by fast. I hope 28 will be a big one. I have a feeling it will be. But reading this back one thing is for sure clear to me...I need to get a little bit more organized, haha. (And maybe more of a life, lol?)  xx 


  1. Happy early birthday! This was such a fun way to really document a day in the life of your 27th year. I turned 28 at the end of April and I didn't ever really think about it, but you're so right that 10 years from now will be such a different age/place in life!

    1. So crazy right!! That's almost 40?! I can't even imagine. I'm sure when I was 18 though, 28 seemed crazy. I probably thought I was going to be such a grown up by now...LOL.

  2. ah i love this post. i love how you explain your thought process around the day and how fun will it be to look back on this someday. gosh ten years from now i'll be in my 40s and i'd rather not think about that haha. enjoy 28. it was one of my favorite years :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

    1. Aww thank you! That's so nice to hear ;) I actually love getting older, so I'm excited!!

  3. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love these posts because I'm so nosy- probably why I also love blogging haha. And you aren't the only one that gets anxiety when the dog doesn't get walks in! I haven't been able to really walk Brady for a couple weeks now because he pulls on the leash so bad that it is super uncomfortable with this belly and I feel so bad about it. Anyway, hope you have the BEST day and that John & Ted properly spoil you! ;)

    1. Lol yes we definitely are all just nosy haha! I cannot imagine Ted pulling me around 8 months pregnant lol, nooo way. He's going to have to have a fenced in yard by then, lol. And, THANK YOU!

  4. Taking your dog's collar off at night is not weird at all! Our dogs wear harnesses (because of pulling, they would totally slip their collar if we put the leash on it) and the collars are for their dog tags (and also pretty haha) and we used to actually take off their harness and collar. But sometimes the younger dog just can't hold it long enough in the morning to wait for me to put on harnesses AND collars, so we make them sleep in their harnesses most times, which I feel guilty about (#momguilt hahaha). I'm sure my recap of our dogs' clothing was thrilling haha.

    I want to do one of these but it'd be so boring. "I sat at work for 4.5 hours, then I went home for lunch. Then I sat at work for 3.5 more hours." Hahahaha!

    1. LOL I would love to read about your day!!! And I love hearing about dogs haha! Ever since this dog basically became my whole life, I could talk about dogs forever and I like to know I'm not a total weirdo. We really took his collar off because he was noisy but now we feel like he can't sleep with it on...which is ridiculous because he sleeps all day lol.

  5. Happy birthday! I didn't know our birthdays were so close together! Except I'm THIRTY now :( :( :( I wish I knew how to make crying faces on my computer! I thought you were nannying for somebody now? I should document my day one day, just to see what it's actually like when I write it down. But how boring to read "I fed Jackson. I changed his diaper. Then I held him and walked him outside and put him down for a nap. Then I washed bottles. Then I thought about if I'd rather eat or shower and I decided eat, so now I still haven't showered in 3 days." I always get so curious when you say things like, "You'll know what I'm talking about, 37 year old Morgan!" I WANT TO KNOW TOO! Hahaha. I love chill days. I want one! Also, I like that Ted is your child. He takes up so much of your day! I always tell Jon how boring life would be without pets!

    1. Yes I am still nannying! This was an off day, which means it shows my really boring life haha. I would love to hear about your day!! I think being a Mom is so fascinating and wonderful. And you guys will know soon what I'm talking about lol..

  6. HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY (commenting late but still happy birthday haha) I love the last day of 27 recap haha literally feel like I was there. And I'm like John, I eat veggies first, I like them but I also like to eat them first so I can eat the best stuff last. But anyways tho, 28 and you're in crazy good shape and you're doing all these cool things!! I hope your birthday was the best day ever and that Ted was extra good and sweet :)


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