Thursday, June 2, 2016

May leftovers + like three pictures from our move.

I've become the WORST blogger ever. I remember when I used to get anxiety if I didn't post like three times a week and now I'm just barely here once a week. I mean, that last week I have actually been super busy, but for the most part I just find it almost...overwhelming right now. There's like 500 things I would love to write about, but I don't even want to start. I mean, I do, but I don't because then I'll be here forever...

Anyways, point is, I'm sorry to any blogging friends if I've neglected you. I do still every few days, haha. I'm really bad. BUT life is about to get way normal now, so I should be back soon. (Not even like anyone cares, lol. But just in case you do.)

Luckily this week ends May so I've got the easiest post ever, just a few pictures of what went on behind the scenes according to the very few pictures I take anymore (unless they're of myself LOL). So here's what's leftover from May...

More lucky pennies. This was seriously getting out of control. I actually have a confession. I was in the McDonalds bathroom last week (still in the Carolinas then, where all the good luck pennies live apparently, and if you read my last confession you know why I stop at McDonalds lol...) and I saw a crumbled up dollar bill on the floor and I was like, "wow that's like a lot of good luck. Like 100 pennies." So I took it. And then I felt really weird about it, like I shouldn't have. And I told John about it later and he was like, "EW that's disgusting." Hahaha. Just now I was sorting laundry and it was in one of my jean pockets so I took it out and set it on his nightstand and he was like, "EW get that thing away from me." HAHAHA. I guess that is kind of gross...and why did I just admit that story? I don't know. 

I guess this is another confession, but I always take pictures of my groceries just in case I want to do something with it later. But like, who cares about bread and eggs? No one. So this is getting deleted right now, lol. 

Speaking of grocery shopping...I had to say goodbye to Publix last week. It might have been my favorite thing about living in SC. John went through our credit card statement recently and was like, " really like Publix?" Lol. It was great though. The only thing I didn't like was that sometimes they INSISTED on walking me out to my car. Even if I only had like two bags. I'd always be like, "no no no no no no, that's okay thank you bye." 

And then this was at Walmart...because I thought it was cool. Sometimes I think I'm so artsy. But really, what is this for? Why is this spray painted on the ground? Anyone know? Is it graffiti lol? 

Onto more exciting things, we went to NASCAR! I really should have written a whole post about it (besides just my eating regrets), but I really didn't have the time. Oh well. Some things that I would have written about though, had I dedicated a whole blog post to it would be....#1: They prayed before it started. #2: It was SO FUCKING LOUD. Like I'd describe it like, "PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW" sounding. And #3....the people, haha. VERY interesting crowd. There was like a whole family next to us that had peroxide bleached hair. Like even the children. I don't know if that's sad or sweet. OH and probably the greatest part was that we had to walk over two miles to our car afterward, and it was actually really funny because we were like sooo tired and soo ready to go and like slap happy about leaving. Before we decided to leave (because we left early), we were sitting next to each other texting because it was SO loud we couldn't talk, things like, "let's go home to our puppy." It was cute.  It made me happy. OH and #4 would be: during that two mile trek ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, there was a girl in front of us the whole time....wearing no shoes. That was NASCAR. 

And then like five days later, we moved! Every place we've lived at, I've taken a picture of our front door. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them someday...but something. I think it's cute. 

So of the move itself, I'm not kidding I only have a handful of pictures. Most are of Ted. If anyone can recall, last time we moved I was really excited about it and into it and made a whole almost 20 minute long vlog, but not this time. This time was WAY different. This time REALLY showed us just how tired we are of moving. First of all, we packed in like 24 hours. And SO badly, haha. Like literally had no cares. Just wanted our shit in boxes and took little thought or care to how we did it. We weren't even excited about the "adventure" part of it, which we usually are. And the part that made it really suck was the drive itself. So, this picture here is John in front of me driving a Uhaul with my car towed on the back and I was driving the truck. Neither of us were happy about this situation, lol. No part of this trip was really enjoyable. I really should write a whole post, but I have too much else I'd like to catch up on here when I find time, so let me just say that it sucked. The best part was the second night when we stopped in Jackson and John called up a Mississippi mud pie to the room, lol. Yes I ate it. No it was not healthy. But very doubtful I'll ever go back to Mississippi, so whatever. Funny story though - so John orders the pie, then immediately gets in the shower. So when the guy comes Ted of course thinks someone is there to see him, so I try to open the door very small, and Ted pushes his big head through and this poor little man was like, "don't bite me!" And I was like, "oh no he won't, I'll just have to hold him down while you bring it in." So he brings the food in, and I am literally laying on top of Ted on the floor because Ted wants SO badly to get to him to say hi. Then right when he leaves, John comes out. I was like, "thanks for that" lol.

And this was how I had to drive most of the time with him. If I put the middle down, he would be all up on top of me basically... this with his arm on my arm, lol. So I had to trap him in the back a lot. He's pretty used to long drives by now though, so I don't think he had too hard of a time. Driving that truck sucked so bad though. (How many times have I said suck now?) I kept texting John that "my butt hurts" because seriously, something about those seats are REALLY uncomfortable. Then he'd be like, "DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE THIS INSTEAD??????" And that's kind of how it went, lol.

But we made it. And there was a rainbow waiting for us in Dallas, haha. Is that a good luck sign? I think yes. Although...once we got here the movers were SUPER late and then they dragged our leather couch on the cement and scratched the side of our dresser (that I've had since I was in high school so we really don't care about that one lol) so the whole thing just really sucked. OH and then, this is the weirdest thing, but the one thing we always need when we get to a new place is a shower curtain and we're always running out to get one and it's annoying, so we tried to be prepared this time and bought one before we left. BUT come like, 10:30 that night after we had unpacked a bit and decided we were DEAD tired and we just wanted to shower and go to shower curtain to be found anywhere. It's still missing! It's like the biggest mystery of my life because I KNOW I packed it. So, we went to bed without showering...which was pretty disgusting considering we just MOVED all day. The whole thing is kind of funny now, but it sucked. Let me say it one last SUCKED. 

And this kind of just turned into a moving post didn't it? Haha, oh well. There really isn't much else to say about it. And I'm sure no one wants me to go into all the crap I ate and how I feel about, so let's not. 

So I guess, happy June everyone! I personally am really excited for this month and just life in general right now. Life is good. (Now that the moving part is over lol.) I might be working on this blog a if it's down and anyone notices (WHICH NO ONE WILL) that's why. So...see ya later!


  1. i love that you take a photo of every door! that's brilliant. we've only lived in two places, so i might start that. i'm sure my old apartment won't mind if i randomly rock up to take a photo of the door. hahahaha.

  2. Hahaha the bleached hair family! So so weird. We took a picture of our first apartment's front door because it was old and super cool. I wish all of our doors were pretty now. Haha.

    1. None of ours have been pretty lol, I just did it the first time so I keep doing it! I'm weird like that lol.

  3. I love this post, mostly because we are getting into the throws (throes?) of moving and it's stressing me out, per usual. Hawaii to anywhere else just sounds like a massive pain in the ass and that's is. Ted kills me. He is so freaking funny I just want to wrestle him onto the ground into a big bear hug and give him head pats and tell him how handsome he is. Is it weird I want to wrestle your dog? Okay then. Also, please do a post on food guilt because I am in the SAME BOAT!

    1. LOL ohhh Teddy. You have labs so you get it, they are wild little babies. Or at least mine is lol. And yeah, WOW, good luck moving from Hawaii lol! That sounds a nightmare lol. And with dogs!!

  4. I love the door idea. At least the move is over and you are a Texan now ☺️! I mean what could be better? I've been super slack in blog world lately but I just don't ever want to feel like I have to blog (because obviously no one is paying me) so if I start feeling like that I say screw it and put it off until next week.

    1. TRUE! No one pays me to do this, or even cares if I do lol, so why make myself feel bad about it? And YES TEXANS! I can call myself that now right?


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