Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7/3/16 (...because nothing exciting happened on 7/4, lol.)

I'm not even going to talk about this cheeseburger right now, but it seemed like an appropriate 4th of July post photo, lol. Right? Except we didn't grill it...we cheated and went to In & Out Burger. But really, why grill when you live down the street from In & Out? We never have to grill again. Except if I wanted a hot dog....then in that case, that's what Costco is for. Right? (Kidding, I'm kidding.)

Anyways, not really here to talk about food or fireworks or really anything 4th of July related, because the best part about this weekend was meeting up with some old friends from Omaha! I already went into this a bit on Instagram, but we were really good friends with these guys (Tommy and Amanda!) back when we lived there too. They're not from there either, and actually moved there the same week we did and we ended up meeting them through some mutual work friends of Johns and we just really clicked with them. We even drove 8 hours to their wedding when they got married! We don't do that for anyone, lol! But do you have any idea how hard it is to find good couple friends?? The hardest. We've only ever had a handful of couple friends because either John doesn't like the guy, or I don't care for the girl. Or they're just not our kind of people. And that's totally okay! I'm pretty sure we're not meant to be friends with everyone and that's why I don't really feel bad about having...like, 3 friends. (Kidding,  kidding.) 

For fun let's just throw a throwback in here. "Friendsgiving" 2012. Or 2013? My phone says March, so maybe..."Easter giving?" Who knows. Most of us there were in the "traveling" business, so we'd always have these holiday parties because we didn't have any family there. It was actually pretty cool. (Not cool is this dark hair and very tan filter though, lol...) 

So they actually still live in Omaha, and like I also said on Instagram (basically I do short blog posts on my Instagram captions now) Amanda and I reconnected recently over fitness and she is hands down my BFF right now. (After you of course, John.) So when they said they were coming out for the weekend to visit his family in Dallas, we were like, "WE HAVE TO HANG OUT!!!" John actually had to work a bit on Sunday so we didn't get a ton of time with them, but we went over there later that night for a little pool party and oh my gosh. It was so good to see them. She came out to the car when we got there and her little voice was so cute I was like, "OH MY GOSH I MISSED YOUR VOICE." Hahaha. (Maybe that's what phones are for, lol?) So anyways, it was just so fun and so good to see them. We had the whole "3 years in 3 minutes catch up" (John's idea, lol) and then we just talked and hung out. Drank a few beers. Had some snacks. (You KNOW I brought snacks.) Swam. And then we all got tired and called it a night because we aren't 24 anymore, haha. (Talking about some of the weekends we had back in the day...was...crazy.) 

I wouldn't normally post bikini pictures (like first one in this blogs history)...but YOLO guys. YOLO. (Plus this is the first year I'm fine with how I look. Not saying I think I look perfect. I could tear myself up if I wanted to, but I'm done with that.)

I told the boys I needed a picture of them and they did this? No clue, lol. 

Then we tried to get a picture in front of the pool and this happened...


...look at the giant waves we made, hahahahah. I love it. You know how (if you're a girl at least) you try to hold off getting your hair wet forever? And then once it is, it's like game over, lol? That's how this was. Once we fell in I was like, alright, YOLO... 

We had a whole trick-off and I turned into some kind of gymnast (in my head) and thought I had the best tricks but no one was impressed with my cartwheels and star jumps off the diving board, hahaha. (John kept calling them jumping jacks lol.) And then like I said...we got tired and called it a night, haha. Plus they had to drive back the next morning. I said about a million times, "you guys should move here!!" And they were like, "you guys should move back!!" Haha, neither will probably ever happen but I'm sure we will run into them again. AND there's always the internet. (Where I'm always keeping in contact with her now anyways, lol.)

So then out of nowhere, right after we left, it started storming like crazy. And it kept storming ALLL night. (Like hail and everything and I was staring out the window in the middle of the night thinking, "OH F**K" because of our new car, lol. But it's fine.) Then the next morning (yesterday), 4th of July, John got a call that he HAD to go into work because there was severe flood damage at his job site, so  it was a good thing we didn't have any plans! And to be honest...I can barely handle having a few beers anymore, so I was totally fine with just chilling out yesterday. When he got home we just had dinner, watched part of Ted 2 (lol) and were in bed by like, 9:30. Then I about died this morning when John texted me this....

We went to bed at the same time and he asked me if I saw any fireworks, haha. At first I thought maybe he meant to ask someone else that? I think he's losing his mind a bit, lol. He needs a whole day off...hopefully next weekend. I would end this by saying, "I might shut down my blog this week" but I've said that about four times now, so who cares at this point, haha. But I WILL do it...sometime.  That whole "gypsy lifestyle" intro on the side has to change now. And I could probably use a new selfie, lol. But probably not going to happening this week...


  1. Hey! Looks like a fun night! And I think you can rock blonde or brunette! I concur on the couple friend thing - my husband I have yet to find that couple match too LOL. He can get along with anyone but some people drive me nuts LOL. If you ever visit Canada, let me know, you guys seem like our type of peeps haha ;) Happy 4th of July (Happy Canada Day here on the 1st for us) - and we did catch a whole 23 minute show of fireworks in our city. Bye for now!

    1. There should be an app for that! "Couple Match" hahahaha. It's so hard. AT LEAST you saw a bit of fireworks! I feel like such a lamo!

  2. aw, sounds like a fun weekend - you look amazing, btw. also that burger looks AH-mazing.

    1. It was pretty good. Can't lie. What is it about a white bun?!!?!

  3. Okay, this makes me wish I would have met you when you were in Omaha! But then you guys would have moved away & we would be like your other friends, haha. Anywho.. your weekend sounds pretty awesome! I feel ya on having couple friends. We have maybe two couples that live here that we consider friends. Everyone else lives hours away & we have to plan things out months in advance. And hello abs! You look great! :)

    1. Haha well I wasn't blogging then so I don't know how we would have met!! Oh well, such is life!

  4. This looks so fun!!! And you look great :)

  5. i could tear myself up if i wanted to, but i'm done with that - that's what is important girl! good for you. i know what you mean about couple friends, i have friends and kc has friends. sometimes we hang out as couples, but i don't love his friends wives or girlfriends, and he doesn't love my friends husbands or boyfriends, but we will tolerate them here and there and have fun, but not love to hang out with them. we only have one couple like that, they used to be both our best friends (and that is how we met) but we spent way too much time with them and KC used to work with both of them haha so we have overdosed on them i think.
    anyway. rambles. that burger though! yum.


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