Friday, August 19, 2016

"Are you ever going to blog again?" - John Apfel.

So little known fact about John, he loves this blog. He might not ever go out and admit it, but I know he does. When I used to blog more often, he would get in bed every night and pull it up on the iPad and I would nervously watch his face as he read my posts. And usually he has NOTHING to say afterwards, but I can tell that he likes when I write about our life. (I think he just likes all the compliments I pay him, haha.) And he used to check like every he must not hate it, right? And maybe it wasn't exactly worded ^ that way, but last night before getting into bed he was like, "new blog post??" And I was BUT DO YOU WANT ME TO WRITE ONE? I CAN WRITE ONE? Lol.

And then later on he said something really, really funny and I thought why not do a life update according to some of my favorite John quotes? So let's get into it...

But first a picture of the requester himself. We were driving home late one night, listening to country music and I kept going, "I feel like we're having so much fun." Hahaha. So I took this picture to remember that moment.

And then here's us having "so much fun" at a baseball game!

But wait. I actually don't have any quotes for this first update, hahaha. Maybe I can think of something...

But yeah, we went to a Rangers game last Sunday! John's had like literally ONE day off a week lately, so on Sunday when he wanted to go to a game - because Detroit was in town, duh! - I was like, "YES!" Because I think on his day off he should go crazy and do whatever he wants.

But it was so hot. I'm sure there's a quote about that, if I tried to remember. John kept talking about how his shirt was getting sweaty and then drying  It has been raining a lot lately so it started off really cool and cloudy and then the sun came out and it was like, OH MY GOD. I took this picture actually to send to my fitness group because on Saturday it's #sweatysaturday and I was like, "um, sweaty Sunday anyone?" Haha. We had fun though, and I think John had a great time, which was the point, but towards the end I was dying in the heat. I made a pact before we left that I would have NO ICE CREAM. And then seriously, I thought I was dying...and then before I knew it, I was in the ice cream line, and then standing alone in the hallway eating it all ashamed but at the same time relieved, lol. OH WELL.  

And on the topic of sports, the Olympics!! We don't have cable but we have a little "cheat" way of watching a few channels, so at night we've been catching some of the events here and there. And this was the story that inspired the whole blog post...and it might only be funny to me, but that's okay because this is an example of "blogging for myself and only myself" basically, haha. So the women were running yesterday. And we kept laughing because they're, it's a sport...and they're in the fricking Olympics, and they're all wearing lipstick and jewelry and some had even like, their hair down and we're like, "what???" Does that make anyone else go, what??? Like, if I was planning on running 100 miles an hour in a race, the last thing I would do is put hoop earrings in, lol. But that's just me! And we were making fun because a few of the girls had chockers on, and sorry, but I HATE that this trend is back. I cannot go back to 10th grade, lol. So anyways, John goes,

"where did they even get those things? Did they pull them out of a box from under their bed??"

HAHAHA. Like, did they put them away in 2004 and then pull them back out this year? (Unless they're young and they didn't go through that phase the first time around. I forget sometimes that I'm old...) But yeah, that's the something "really, really funny" that he said. OH, and we started watching "Stranger Things" the other night, and I think we like it. Well, we like it enough that we renewed our Netflix, lol. But we're not too far in because John keeps falling asleep...

Pretty interesting update so far, right? How about some foooood.

I actually already Instagrammed this recipe, in case anyone's interested. (Could also do chicken!) But it's our OUR FAVORITE lately. I don't know why I ever though fajitas seemed hard? They're literally the easiest thing ever. I got the recipe from the Beachbody "Fixate" cookbook, even though I slightly changed it (because, LIME) and John watched me one day and went, "oh you made your own rub?" And I was like, "yeah it's from the 21 Day fix cookbook." And his face gets sad and goes,

"oh yay, protein powder."

HAHAHA. He thinks I put Shakeology in everything. (I don't for the record. I actually found out that if you bake it, it destroys the nutrients, FYI.) But I have been making some pretty amazing protein balls though. They look like little shit balls...haha, but a few people have asked for it, so I'll just link the recipe here  - GF Balls and Bars Recipe.

Okay and then this isn't really a quote, so I'm failing at this, but John keeps accusing me of treating Ted like a cat, lol.

And this picture actually has nothing to do with the story, but he sort of looks like a cat here, right? Maybe? Ok no but really. He has been SUPER crazy and puppy-like again ever since he started on this new allergy medication, and I'm so happy he's feeling better, but he's driving me nuts. As I'm writing this, he's currently throwing all his toys at my feet trying to get me to throw something. He has TONS of energy again and it doesn't stop at night! He's been doing this thing where he gets on the bed. Gets off the bed. Gets on the bed. Gets off the bed. And somehow John sleeps through it, but I keep getting woken up all night long by a 77 lb (yes!) dog jumping up and down, up and down. Sometimes he sits and stares at me, sometimes he sits on my face. So I've been "picking him up like a cat" according to John (I'm not sure how to explain and shoving him off the bed multiple times every night. I've even started locking him out, because he's just so annoying. And I don't really feel bad because then I just find him on the couch in the morning, so I'm sure he's fine. Maybe he even sleeps better?

OH, and next week he gets his big surgery. YOU KNOW. THE ONE. Is it weird I'm feeling sentimental about it? I asked John, "should we take a picture of his balls?" And he was like, "I wouldn't.." hahaha. I was kidding though, really. I'm ready to never see those things again.

So where do I go from there, haha? Um..

OH. OH. My favorite John quote of lately actually. Again, it might only be funny to me...but hey! So, I was opening up Facebook to show John something, I don't remember what, and he goes to my page and says in a voice that's supposed to be mine,

"Facebook! Stop asking me if I have a job!"

HAHAHAHA. (Am I the only one laughing??) Because it's a joke that's not really a joke around here that I don't have a "job" yet...BUT GUESS WHAT? I do now! Starting next week. A little part-time gig that I'm pretty excited about. And I am still doing my Beachbody coaching, but it's not really enough to be "it" quite yet. (Someday!!) So TAKE THAT FACEBOOK. But no really, I try not to put that much information on Facebook. I have "Dallas" as our city, even though if you came to Dallas, you would never find us!! We're not "in" Dallas. But you don't need to know that! 

And then I'll end this with one last picture of my special husband...

You wouldn't believe the pictures John has of me sleeping. It's like his thing. And they are HORRIBLE. Like, if he were to open up his phone to show someone a picture of his wife, that someone would be like, "wow...she she's tired." Lol. They're so bad. So I'm doing it back, haha. No actually, I took this because he came home early one day last week to catch up on sleep, and I just missed him and thought he was so cute. Maybe that's why he does it to me..? Is that why? Am I cute, lol? I'm tempted to throw in one of me just so you guys get the picture....

Ok, fine. 

I clearly picked the "cutest" one I could find, lol. But I'm clearly not really sleeping, it looks like I'm "pretending to be sleeping" which is weird, and I actually have no idea when this was from or what I was doing. But you get the picture.

Now how do I end this...

Until next time?



  1. Thank god you weren't really sleeping because you look too good!! Hahahaha. Also those fajitas are killing me rn. So hungry, and those look amazing. The sweaty stadium seat...SO. ME. I sweat SO MUCH. Stupid genetics. (My brother has sweat through shoes so much that he says they are caked in salt at the end and he puts Certain Dri on his feet. Thankfully I'm not quite that bad! Ha!)

  2. Um is it weird that Travis always takes pictures of me sleeping? I tell him it's super creepy but he thinks it's hilarious (I am not a cute sleeper). Good luck at the new job! Oh and my sister was talking about making chokers and I was like oh good because I did that in high school like 12 years ago! 🙄

    1. WOW I am so late commenting to this, lol. I am the worst lately. But yeah, same thing!! He doesn't do it because he thinks I'm like cute or anything. He thinks it's so funny my face looks like smashed up or he claims I was snoring. (He takes videos also lol.) So annoying. And he keeps them, forever!!!

  3. Haha you guys are so cute. It's always SO awkward to me when someone reads a blog post while I'm sitting there. Eeeeeee! But it's so important to have support, especially from your husband, when you have all these hobbies and interests. ALSO I WEAR CHOKERS - lol. But I was totally thinking how beautiful those women runners looked and questioning why they were all dolled up. I guess if you're gonna be on National TV you don't wanna be gross.


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