Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July leftovers...or more like July 30th and 31st leftovers, lol.

So not much to share from July since I only began trying to take pictures within the last week, haha. But #GOALS for August. Take more pictures of my every day life with my family. I've been feeling super sentimental lately. Maybe because it's frickin AUGUST already and I'm not sure where the past few months have gone? I know for sure I haven't been making the best of them. But it's a new month, and I love a new month. It's always so rejuvenating isn't it? Lot's of goals for this month. I'm new to "goal making" but I think it's going to be good! (PS any blog friends want in my new August challenge group on Facebook - YOU KNOW you're always welcome right?) 

Alright back to...the beginning of July with our trip to DQ. 

Honestly...good, of course, but not even as good as I remembered. John got cookie dough, and I got Oreo. We were both like, "did these get smaller?" haha. (Did they?) And they were like $7 for the two of them too, which was a lot I thought. I think I'm all about the Froyo to be honest. I might make ooonnne last trip there this summer. Juust one. 

And another car selfie because...that's my life! This was just one that we sent to John last week. I basically just text/send pictures to John all day long about whatever I'm thinking/whatever we're doing. Because that's just my life, lol! (This is very quickly becoming the most boring thing I've ever posted..) 

So how about some food? I almost eat strictly out of bowls anymore, and almost exclusively Mexican style foods, lol. This was eggs, spinach and red pepper topped with a little cheese, crushed corn tortilla chips and then I did some salsa. Am I bowl genius or am I not?

...and then that's honestly all I have up until two days ago, haha. (I mean, obviously I post a lot on social media, food in bowls, etc, but these are the "leftovers.") 

But I have made good on my promise to take more pictures of John. He got new boots the other day, and before he left for work I was like, "WAIT! PICTURE!" This is his THIRD pair of cowboy boots! He said to me, "when are you getting some?" And I was like, "never" haha. But to be fair, these are for work. He actually "needs" them. I do not have any need for cowboy boots, lol. Except I am going to do some Beachbody "Country Heat" this Sunday, but it would actually be very hard in cowboy boots. Nike's all the way.

Did anyone see my snaps the other day? John had to work all weekend, so Ted and I came to visit on Sunday and we took Ted for a ride in the buggy...and then took a ride without Ted and let him chase us, haha. Oh my gosh. It was so funny. He loves to chase/be chased. But it was hot and he's not really used to that much running so I was like a freaked out overprotective Mom and was screaming, "JOHN STOP. HE'S TIRED. HE'S GOING TO OVERHEAT. LET HIM CATCH UP." Hahaha. But no really, he had the best time. Then we went inside and stayed for a while and I was just sitting in Johns office with him and Ted was like exploring the whole place and opening the doors by himself and leaving, and looking for water and then the cleaning crew showed up (because it was Sunday/empty except for John) and Ted scared the SHIT out of them, haha. People always think he looks mean? I don't see it. He's literally a big giant baby running at you because he wants to lick you. 

Anyway. It was good family time, lol. 

Until this happened. I was driving home with Ted afterwards and this warning came up "tire pressure low" and it showed all 4 tires and the other three were at like a 40, and then this one was at 20, then 19, then 18 and then within like 60 seconds was down to 1 as I BARELY got off the highway and turned into a gas station. It's a big fear of mine to have to pull over on the highway, so super glad I happened to be right by an exit. It's all good now, but probably not safe to drive around the job site anymore, haha.

And  then this is just a random, but I think it's a cool shot! Like, I'd frame this! For a "day date," John took me to the cutest little place near where he works. I'm not sure if was the "downtown" of wherever we were at or what, but it was the cutest little street lined with the cutest little restaurants. (A lot of emphasis on "cutest little" lol.) We didn't eat at this place, it was just CUTE so I took a picture. 

The place we went to was called "Tacos & Avocados." (CUTE RIGHT?) And here's the super spicy ceviche I had. (And a chicken taco.) I keep trying, but I just don't really enjoy jalapeƱos. I'm too midwest. I can't.

But I CAN do this. We decided to do a date night in last Friday and get takeout. I texted John, "I'm not in the mood to eat healthy." All day I kept opening the fridge and just felt like, "eh" to everything. So I thought I'd be fun and suggested pizza. This place on yelp had such good reviews, but we both decided it was sort of "eh." It wasn't bad, but it wasn't 5 star by any means. I ordered this cheesecake at the last second, and it was sort of "eh" too. But..trying to let loose a bit. So accomplished that, lol. (You know I could talk more about this, and I did via Instagram, but I'll stop there haha..)

And then I'm going to end this with a picture of John from yesterday, which I know was the 1st, but whatever! I just like it. 

He had to get some work photos taken yesterday so he took a half day and was able to go get his Texas license afterwards, but he forgot something so I ran up to meet him. (I actually packaged up everything I thought he needed, but forgot the car stuff, so my bad!) And even though I didn't have to, I stayed and waited with him just because we don't get a ton of time together recently. And even though he was on his phone almost the whole time, and so was I, it still was sort of fun somehow. He does this thing when he's on the phone and in "get shit done" mode, and he gets super loud so I kept having to be like, "John! You're yelling!" Haha. But of course he made friends with everyone around him, so don't think anyone cared. SO, we're both officially Texans now right? Maybe this month we will get out there and do some more Texas things? Probably not, but you never know! 

Happy AUGUST. Enjoy the last bit of summer! (Unless you live in Texas, then stay in the air conditioning and wait it out for fall, haha.) xx


  1. Uhhh yep, we pretty much only eat Mexican-style food too. It's just the easiest way to prepare food that's healthy and still tastes good in my mind! Also 87% of our spices/seasonings are probably Mexican, and we always have canned corns and canned black/pinto beans soooo, I mean what else do you do?!

    So I'm always happy when people cross the street or turn the other way when we're walking towards them because my dogs are terrified (one will try to run, the other will maybe bark) but then when they do cross the street or something I get super offended thinking that they're afraid of my dogs. You really just can't win with me. Hahaha.

  2. we used to love getting blizzards but then they stopped making snickers which is my favourite so i won't go anymore lol
    i can't stand jalapeƱos... but i hate spicy food so.... lol
    don't you hate when you eat crap and then it's not even good?! so much rage.
    sucks about your flat tire, thank goodness you were near an exit! that is totally a fear of mine as well, or running out of petrol... i ran out of petrol on a busy road once because my petrol gauge thingy stopped working and right as i thought 'hmm i haven't gotten petrol in like 2 weeks' my car was like LOL not moving anymore. it was not fun, but i was right across the road from a station so no big deal. now i'm terrified it will happen nowhere near a station... not that i'm still in that car, it was like 3 cars ago but STILL. real fear. haha.


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