Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Second anniversary celebration at Five-Sixty! (Almost 2 weeks late, but HEY!)

Just a quick little post for my own memories sake (always) and because we've lived here, what, five months now and I feel like we finally did something really cool, haha! AND because we finally got our chocolate souffle! (I am so big on traditions, it's stupid. Like next week is Halloween and we HAVE TO eat an Panera on Halloween because we did one time. I crazy.) I actually read this post by Helene back before we ever had any ideas of moving to Dallas, about eating here at Five-Sixty, so I have her to thank for letting me know that this souffle was even available outside of where we've had it in Vegas. See, reading blogs pays off? It's educational.

SO, our anniversary was actually the 11th, but it was on a Tuesday and John had to work late, so I just went out and got us a pizza and we made it as special as we could, knowing once we had the time we would do something nicer. Then I think the next weekend we had a play date with dog friends and I had a headache (or was just overly emotional, I don't remember), and then the next John had to work, but finally this past weekend we were FREE! And I had been suggesting (and suggesting and hinting) we go to this place because A) it just seemed like a cool experience, and B) THE CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE. I'm not kidding, it's amazing. (That or I have an emotional attachment to it...haha.) So, sort of last minute Saturday afternoon we went online to try to get a reservation, and I tried every single time slot and they were all unavailable and I was so sad! Then I walk away to go do something and John gets on to try and he's like, "9:00??" And I was like, "OH MY GOD, YOU FOUND ONE?!?!" Freaking out because I was so excited. (Seriously, the souffle, lol.) I felt like it was fate, for real because I had tried every single time, twice.

We don't typically eat, or even stay up much past 9:00 so it was a bit late for us, but it made it really fun. I kept saying I felt young haha. (I realize how incredibly lame I sound right now, but whatever.) And I was so excited to wear heels. I almost never have a chance to wear heels. (Online health coach/nanny leaves no room for anything cool. Plus, I'm just not that cool, lol.) And I included about ten pictures of John here because I thought he just looked SO GOOD. I don't know why we don't go out like this more, because it made me like giddy. And I liked it.

So first of all this place was really cool. It's at the top of the Reunion Tower (no, I don't know what that is or means), and the entire restaurant SPINS. Very slowly, obviously, but at first I was like, "this is so weird!!!" But it gives you a view of the entire skyline and there was an observation deck somewhere, but I think it closes late at night, so we didn't get to see it. (Oh and that weird blue picture is from the elevator ride down, which was cool because it was all open.)

But, moving on to the foooood. It's asian infused, and they had a whole sushi menu, but I was really in the mood for food, food (like big plates of food, lol) so we skipped trying any of that. Not that I'm even supposed to be eating sushi. (Although, it wouldn't stop me..) But the waitress was so sweet and brought me a spicy passionfruit "mocktail" so I didn't feel totally lame and restricted, haha. So we had a few appetizers to start with, and in case anyone is wondering or planning on ever coming here -the one I really loved was the "crystal chive dumplings." I swear for like two whole days afterwards I could remember what they tasted like and I'd text John out of no where, "that food was so good." (I'm not usually THIS enthusiastic about food, but everything either tastes amazing right now or horrible. And the amazing stuff, is just SO AMAZING.) And for our meals, John got the short ribs (or something) and I got the Chinese lacquered duckling...only because it's supposed to be what they're known for so I figured why not. (I really don't think it was a duckling though. That would be cruel. I won't even eat veal.) AND THEN....the souffle. So good. Exactly like the ones we've had before. (Except they didn't write anything special on the plate, WHICH IS FINE, but I did tell everyone, "we just found out we're having a baby girl!!" So we did get a lot of congrats on that, lol.) And John was so sweet, and I know he does this on purpose, but he's always like, "I'm done" after a few bites and let's me finish the whole thing, haha. It was so good. (Can I say that a few more times?)

And just because everything is a trip down memory lane for me, let me have my fun and make a comparison..

It's funny to me how I look like a completely different person each year, haha. Same with John actually. (The beard grows year by year, lol.) But that's life isn't it? The first year we were just 25 and 26 year olds escaping to Vegas terrified and excited to get married, and now we're just 27 and 28 year olds terrified and excited to become parents. I swear, each year is just a new adventure and I am so, so in love with our life. (And that bearded guy.) Life is so sweet, you guys. And trust me, if you ever can, try the chocolate souffle. Do it for me.

(OH. And one more thing I have to jot down to remember. On the drive home, we hit so much traffic, it took forever. And John after having one too many drinks, bought me all the new Justin Bieber songs and we were singing so loudly, hahaha. Random, but hey, my blog.)

See you next year Five-Sixty. (Sorry John, but tradition is tradition. We just will need to find a babysitter next time...CRAZY!)


  1. For my birthday a few years ago we went to the restaurant in the Space Needle in Seattle and it spins too! Also they had white chocolate blueberry bread pudding and it was the greatest thing ever and I think about it wistfully every once in a while (like now) hahaha. I am OBSESSED with your shoes, by the way! And happy late anniversary! I knew ours were close together but didn't realize yours was just the day after ours (but a year before us).

    1. I know!!!!!!!! Happy belated first!! That one is a big deal, I hope you guys had so much fun. I should actually probably go read your blog and I could find out what you did ahaha. I'M THE WORST!!!! I really ought to not even have a blog anymore, but I missed it so much.

  2. You both look so good!! And so happy! I swear food tasted SO MUCH better when pregnant. This is embarrassing, but when we went on our babymoon, we splurged on a $75/person brunch and I ate for two hours straight. And then we got up to leave, and as we were walking out the door I freaked that I wanted more crab legs so we asked for our table back and I down another whole plate, hahaha. I think the only reason that was acceptable was because of the baby belly ;)

    1. HAHAHAHAHAH oh my gosh. Thank you for telling me that. Hilarious!!!!


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