Thursday, November 3, 2016

October leftovers.

I wish there were leftovers of this in my fridge right now because it may be the best thing I ate in the month of October. (With the exception of our anniversary dinner and THE SOUFFLE.) After a day of neighborhood hunting, John and I went out for burgers at Twisted Root and OH MY GOD. Maybe I'm pregnant, but it was the best burger I have ever eaten. I also had a root beer float, not pictured. (HOMEMADE ROOT BEER!!) But the burger was sooo delicious and we shared these fries with some special dipping sauce and this place had a buffet of flavored pickles it was JUST AMAZING. We need to go back here, stat. STAT JOHN!

And then also amazing, from last Saturdays day date. We wanted to go to Torchy's (we're obsessed), and planned on sitting outside because we had Ted with us, but it was PACKED so we just got taco's to go and ate in the car. I was like, "I'm getting guac because I think it's good for the baby." Lol. Maybe an excuse on my end, but it's true right? Ever since I started the 21 Day Fix eating plan, I've sort of stayed away from guac because this is like...a weeks worth of "healthy fats," but now's my time to go crazy right? (Just kidding, I didn't eat this all myself. In fact, we didn't even eat it all.) 

Oh and here's sort of a sad story but this is THE ONLY picture I have from our actual anniversary in October, lol. I had a rough night...I wanted to get us pizza from Grimaldi's because it's just become one of "our things." And I had looked up the nearest location and thought it was only about 20 minutes away, so I tried to time everything perfectly thinking I'd be home about the same time as John. BUT OH MY GOD. DALLAS TRAFFIC. It took me almost an hour to get there. And I had called in the pizza right before I left so I was like crying in my car thinking, "OUR PIZZA IS ALL READY AND PROBABLY COLD NOW AND OUR ANNIVERSARY IS RUINED." And I was so sad about it. I continued crying on about it when I got home and all through dinner too, lol. (Bless you John.) So I had clearly been crying in this picture, but we had to have at least one, right?! And the pizza was fine. Really good actually. And since I was emotionally eating, I had way to much and woke up with a stomach ache the next morning, lol... 

SO YEAH, I'm indulging a bit. But I'm also doing pretty well still, if I do say so myself. I have these little containers and my online accountability group to thank for that though. This was my check-in one day sharing how I was scarfing down greek yogurt before I went into the mall. I cannot go anywhere hungry. That's just dangerous. 

And I am at least staying on track with my Shakeo every day, so it's fine. That cancels out burgers, right...? 

SO besides all the eating, I wrapped up the three week yoga retreat in October! And I've got to say...I hate yoga, hahaha. A lot of people have suggested doing prenatal yoga, but I just don't have the patience for it. I like to stretch. That's all great and fun and the cool down is usually my favorite two minutes of my workout, but yoga is just too slow for me. Staring at a timer that says 30 minutes and knowing it's going to go by like three hours gets me pissed off in the first place. And it's frustrating to be in pain for long stretches of time holding these positions which usually end in me just giving up and falling back on the floor, haha. I decided it's just not for me. And that's okay. 

And then as some of you may know from my Instagram (see this video, lol) I moved onto Country Heat so I could sweat again! And while I still get frustrated because I'm not really a great dancer, I enjoy the faster pace. And I do think burning calories every day makes me feel better. (Because of all the food, you know..) This here was one of my "before" pictures I had John take, haha. At around 10 weeks. It'll be funny to see the "afters" at 14 weeks. Most people get great results from this program and I'll probably look like the opposite happened, haha. But, all good. And I have to document it to get my free t-shirt!!

......I just realized the majority of this was about food and working out, but that's my life people. Especially right now. My mind is always on food. And my mind is also always going, "you should work out Morgan. Go work out Morgan. When are you working out Morgan?????" So my apologies, but that's just life this October. That and our anniversary, and finally announcing BABY! It's really all  really, really exciting right now. And I have so much more I want to write about soon, so I'm really glad to be back into the swing of this blogging thing. THIS is the time to document, right? (Moms, how hard is it to blog, or get anything done after baby lol.....?) 

Until next month! xx


  1. I saw the picture and automatically knew it was Twisted Root. It's not the pregnancy. That place is the best place ever!

    1. OH MY GOD. It was literally the best thing ever. I'm dying to go back. We actually talked about going the other day and we ended up not going, and I am STILL holding a grudge against John that we didn't lol. It's been on my mind ever since.

  2. Torchys is soooooo good! We usually go on our way home from the airport when we fly in. I found a pregnancy circuit class right at the end of my pregnancy. It was all weights and cardio and I liked it a lot more than the slower Pilates classes I took. I wish I would have found out about it sooner. I did make a friend in Pilates though who had her daughter right after me and lives two streets over, so that was the real benefit. I'm so glad you are blogging again!

    1. Oh and blogging is definitely harder but at the beginning I would just do a lot of writing on my phone during feedings. Now she's more independent and I can get more done, it just depends if I actually feel like it haha.

    2. Lol I should join some kind of real class so I can meet some people. I don't want to be this new Mom with no Mom friends lol. I keep banking on the fact that we will buy a house in the spring, but knowing me, I'll never meet anyone that way either haha. And yeah...blogging really just depends on if I'm in the mood now so I imagine it will be the same. If I'm in the mood, I'm like super focused. But if not, it takes me a week (or more..) to write one post haha.


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