Thursday, December 22, 2016

20 week "bumpdate" + a photoshoot and my favorite quotes from the Dad to be.

"Photoshoot" LOL. In my world that means begging John to take pictures of me "for like one minute" and then he acts like some crazy paparazzi and snaps 500 pictures without really trying to make sure my whole body is in it, or caring if the doorwall is in it, or if it's crooked or not...

But thank you John, I love you. Eventually I/we will figure out how to use this new camera...I did Youtube some tutorials one night and ended up crying and saying, "I just want to be good at everything." HAHA. This could have been called "the crazy update" because seriously, I'm getting crazier and crazier. But I don't think I need to update anyone on that. (Just check my Instagram, lol.)

So let's start with the bump! And no my hair is not red. Although it does look sort of cool, it's just the lights above my head and whatever setting this camera was on. Or because the flash was on...don't know.

But there she is!

PS. I wear this outfit probably, three times a week. These are "over the belly" maternity leggings but I fold them down. And as far as shirts, I'm either wearing something super tight like this, or I'm hiding under big sweaters. Not sure which way I'm most comfortable yet. I feel like I'm still at that stage where I can hide it and when I don't, I'm always paranoid someone is looking at me like "is she....

4/400 that look similar to these...

Growing by the day, I swear. The little girl I nanny is so cute and asks every day how big baby is and every day I go, "just a little bit bigger today," haha. I actually hid it from them for so long. Not the parents, just the kids because I wasn't sure how to tell them and I was worried they'd ask how it happened, lol. And I wasn't about to answer that one...

But yeah, 20 weeks and 4 days today! I guess this is halfway point, which is NUTS. All of a sudden it's so real. Up until now it's been all fun and guessing games like, "is there a baby in there? Maybe! Who knows!" But now I for sure know she's in there. SPEAKING OF - I felt her kick for the first time the other day! Or punch, I don't know. But I was just watching tv on the couch, eating eggs and my stomach started feeling weird so I started watching it and boom, boom, boom. There she was! I couldn't believe it. Like, she's so small still, right? How is she doing that? Actually, according to my app she's like a small cantaloupe. WHAT!! How "small" are we talking BabyBump????

Not that THIS didn't convince me that she's actually in there, lol. (PS these pictures are so weird. She looks like she has a snout, lol.) We were really excited about this appointment last week and it was cool, don't get me wrong, but we wanted to see her MORE. The tech did all the measurements, which was interesting and all, but she only stopped and let us see her move around for a second and that's what I really wanted to see. But she was definitely moving! She had her little hands up in front of her face the whole time like we had just woken her up and she was pissed, haha. I doubt this has anything to actually do with her personality but now I just imagine her being a feisty little thing. On the way home John goes, "I hope she's a shark." And by that I think he means that he hopes she's...aggressive, lol. I keep telling him though that he's going to have to teach her how to be a strong and confident little lady because I'm so not-sharky. I'm literally the most laid back person on the planet and I also keep reminding him she's going to be a Taurus like me, so not to expect her to be too sharky, haha. (I fully believe in astrology. Taurus to a T over here!)

And with that, I'm going to go into some of my favorite John quotes as of lately. Because they're my favorite and he's killing me.

* Me crying during my work out one morning because it was hard and it was Saturday and I didn't want to do it. Leans over to talk to my stomach, "hey, this isn't my fault."

* After he gets dressed one morning and discovers ONE of his shirts is in the wrong place in the closet. (ONE, lol.) Comes out into the kitchen and nicely asks, "did you stroke out or something??" 

* I started dabbling around in a registry a while back (dabbling as in just adding everything, haha) and started showing John some of the things I think we need. Looking at a high chair he zooms in and goes, "why do they always have to be strapped in like they're on a f****** roller coaster??" 

I was seriously dying doing the registry with him. He also thinks it's so creepy to put a video camera in your kids room to watch them sleep, haha. He seriously was appalled that people do that. Like, it's a lack of their privacy or something hahaha. And about the stroke comment, I am forgetting EVERYTHING. I knew that was a thing, but I thought it was more like, once the baby was actually here. But lately, just the stupidest little things I'm forgetting, or just being careless about. The other day I was putting a bunch of stuff in the car, like loaded some stuff in the back and some in the backseat and I got up front and realized I had left my phone in the very back and my (open) water bottle in the seat behind me. Like, what?! And more than once I've found myself opening up the wrong cupboards in the kitchen looking for things. Like, I know exactly where the coffee mugs are (for my cereal, duh!) yet I'll open the spice cabinet. It's so weird. So yeah, "stroking out" a bit for sure.

But really, I have nothing to serious to complain about. Besides being overly emotional, I'd say this is somewhat of a perfect pregnancy so far. I'm feeling good, still working out six days a week, eating OKAY, sleeping OKAY. My body is definitely changing, which is still hard to accept sometimes, but I know I'm doing the best I can, so I feel good. Up about ten pounds now, boobs are huge (for me), no stretch marks (yet) but I AM noticing some cellulite already which is a bummer considering ALL THE FRICKING LEG WORK I DO, lol, but it's fine. And slowly but surely, all my clothes are starting not to fit, but can't really complain about that either. (Because I get to shop, hahahaha.) So no real problems to fact...this update is actually somewhat boring because I'm not really sure what to say, haha. I always thought I'd be that person that did like weekly updates, but really, not much changes from week to week.

I guess, I could talk about food though, if anyone's interested in that.....


I want all the sweets. Allll the sweets. And all the cinnamon rolls to be specific. I've only had two, but I text John almost every day, "I want donuts." When I go to the grocery store I slowly walk past the section that has all the Pillsbury biscuits and I think about getting some of those take and bake cinnamon rolls...but I know I'd eat THEM ALL. MYSELF.  Somehow I've been able to pass them up, but I honestly can't even talk about this right now because it's making me want one, lol. But, yeah. Allll the sweets. Still eating cereal but not quite as obsessed. I keep buying these stupid little chocolate chip cookies that are shaped like animals and meant for kids. They're organic so I stupidly convince myself that they're healthy. But for the most part, I'm doing good. Drinking tons of lemon water. I can't get enough lemon water.

...and this is getting boring again so I'm going to stop, haha. Maybe I'll do like a 25 week update and have more going on then? Or at least a bigger belly to show and some more funny stories from John, haha.

So that's 20 weeks! Only 20-ish more until we get to meet this little chick! (AHH!) Lots to do! Lots of donuts to think about! Lots to cry over! (Lol!) Until next time, xx.



  1. Girlfriend, you look great! I totally understand the whole "is there really a baby in there" thing lol. My placenta is in the front (or so I'm told?) so I was told I wouldn't feel the baby move until 23-24 weeks, so I didn't ever really think twice about it..One night I thought I might have felt something, so I told my husband to put his hand on my stomach and sure enough there he was kicking away! Such a cool/surreal moment.

    1. Mine is in the front too! Whatever that means! I was starting to get concerned because everyone was asking if I felt her yet and I was like....I don't think so?....

      So I was totally surprised when I did! So cool! I sent my husband a video lol. He will probably get more excited when he gets to see/feel it in person. How far are you now???

  2. You are so funny (and SO hard on yourself, always!) and you look great. I can''t imagine all the changes you go through within your body/hormones, so I think all the weird stuff is normal- lol. Have a very Merry Christmas, friend!

    1. LOL so hard on myself always, I KNOW. Maybe someday I will get over that.....but yeah, so many changes! I thought I'd be like immune to them all, lol. But it's really not that bad. Nothing to complain about other than annoyances haha. But gosh, thanks, you're the best and MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  3. You look amazing!! I think my pregnancy brain stayed with me after giving birth haha I can forget everything I was supposed to do in the blink of an eye!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. LOL I think it will probably stay with me too. I don't even have that much to remember right now!


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