Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas 2016. In 500 pictures or less..

Not feeling much for words at the moment (ever feel that way?) but MUST somewhat document the holiday before it gets too late. So here we gooooo....

Official Christmas photo all huddled in front of our tiny, tiny tree haha. (And check out the quality on that new camera! NEED to use it a lot more often!)

 Johns brother and his girlfriend were so sweet and flew out here to stay with us over the holiday so this whole post is basically thanks to them because if it had been just John and I, I'm not sure what we would have done all week, haha. 

And Ted's official Christmas picture. HAHHAHA. (Seriously though, that camera! So good!)

I was very uncomfortable with the pose of the first picture. I liked this one much better, lol.

I realize this is probably TOO close up now, but Christmas dinner! Johns brother did the steak and lobster, I did the asparagus and John was in charge of cutting the bread. (And then basically force feeding everyone his favorite butter, lol. Guy loves butter.) 

The boys playing with some little drones they got. In our tiny, tiny apartment so they kept crashing, haha. (And that's Ted ON TOP of the couch. Weirdo.)

OH and on Christmas day we went to the movies and saw, "Why Him?" SO FUNNY. OMG. I didn't even have a chance to watch the trailer beforehand so I had no idea what it was going to be about at all, but SO FUNNY. Go see it! And skip the Icee because it was actually really disappointing. But I had given myself a pass that day to just enjoy whatever I wanted. (Because I DID somehow wake up and go to the gym. The ACTUAL gym. So that deserved a treat in itself, lol.) 

And OBVIOUSLY we had to take them out for some BBQ because this is Texas. So we went downtown to this place that John's been dying to go to, Pecan Lodge. They're only open for like three hours a day and we wanted to make sure we got a seat, so we tried to get there right when they opened. Looks like we weren't the only ones!

John gave it an A+. My favorite part was probably the collard greens. Who knew!

And then one night they took us out to have our very first Indian food experience! John was nervous...sensitive tummy, but we both really, really liked it! I honestly probably ate more than everyone, haha.

Caught taking a bump selfie at the restaurant hahaha... 

And another  "OBVIOUSLY," we had to get some Mexican food. We actually don't have a favorite place around here yet. (Besides Tochy's. Which is like fast food tacos, lol.) So we tried somewhere new and it I got the shrimp tacos and they were just alright. John actually got an amazing looking taco salad though.

(You guys. I could make any post into food post. I have problems. Moving on..)

And after Mexican we went to Top Golf which is cool and fun and I've talked about it before, but most specifically about them having the best queso dip ever. So even though we had JUST had Mexican food, we got the queso. And I golfed for about an hour before I starting complaining that my hand hurt, so I let them finish the second half without me. (NOT a single competitive bone in my body. Not a one.)

AND because why not? We stopped by the Stock Yards on the way to the airport before they left to see the animals, hahaha. I was actually not feeling very well and did NOT feel like walking around there (we had just ate MORE much food) so we didn't stay very long. I don't think it was just me though, I think we were all really tired by then actually. (No photo proof, but those three did lots of drinking LOL.)

So as you can tell, LOTS of food happened, haha. It was so much fun though, and I LOVE when people visit pretty much for that reason because we eat, eat, eat. It's the best. (Even if it's hard to recover from afterwards, lol.) It's crazy to think how different next Christmas will be for us. We have no idea really what life will look like. Where we'll be living, WHO this little girl of ours will be. I bet we will even retire that tiny, tiny Christmas tree. Who knows! But this was a perfect, "last Christmas" as non-parents. (Especially for those who got to partake in the alcohol festivities, haha.) Maybe Santa will even show up next year?!?! WHO KNOWS! Time will tell!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas holiday! :) Happy New Year!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. Prices are reasonable, food is delicious, and wait staff is sweet, conscientious, and adorable. I came here for an event, got contained to upstairs. Service at Venues in NYC was prompt and food was awesome.

  3. Enjoyed going through this post, mostly because of the amazing pictures. The food looks so good, its food porn! and just how cute is the that little pony. A well spent Christmas :)


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