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I just did a pretty intense cleanse back in November, and it was great. I learned a lot about food and myself, and felt pretty amazing afterwards. So I was SUPER hopeful that it was going to be the thing to help me survive the holidays this year, then December proved to be SUPER HARD FOR ME. (UNDERSTATEMENT.)


I handled my breakdown with food, as I always do. So every time I went to the store (which I did a lot), I left with something special for myself. And I don't just mean like, a candy bar. I once got a three pack of pound cakes at Costco and ate them all, myself, within a few days..


So by the time Christmas came around, I was so sick. I was irritable. Bloated. SO BLOATED I was only wearing sweatshirts, and as much as I love sweatshirts, it wasn't just because they're soft...

I was just, D O N E. So I sat down and ordered a little pick-me-up cleanse to help me get back on track.

Enter, the 3-day "REFRESH." Designed to help you break the cycle of bad eating habits, lose a few pounds, support healthy digestion, and dramatically improve the way you feel. (WITHOUT GIVING UP FOOD!) For reference, the last "more intense" cleanse I did was called the "RESET." So, this is just a little, "refresher" course of that, in my opinion.

Here's how it goes..

- Immediately upon waking up:  drink 8-10 ounces of filtered water.
- Breakfast: Shakeology + fruit serving.
- Mid Morning: Fiber Sweep. (A digestive health drink.)
- Lunch: Vanilla Fresh, a (vegan) high protein shake + serving of fruit, vegetable and a healthy fat.
- Mid Afternoon: Snack option, a serving of either fruit or vegetable.
- Dinner: Vanilla Fresh shake + any recipe from the dinner menu. (All veggie.)

Not bad, right? Because it's so high in fiber, protein AND you're actually eating many times a day, there's not many times you'll FEEL hungry, even though it is pretty low calorie.

Here's how it went for ME, as I'm still breastfeeding and had to modify a bit...


Wasn't in the mood at all to take decent before photos. (And didn't even take any "afters.") So here's how I feel about being bloated..

The worst, right?

So I started on a Thursday for a few reasons, one because I got the package in the mail on a Wednesday, so it was the soonest that I could. But also because I thought doing it when John wasn't home would be best, lol. And he was going to be gone that Saturday so that gave me three days alone. A friend who was doing it with me chose to do it during the work week because it kept her distracted, so basically, whichever situation makes it easier for you, do it then.

Day one was probably the hardest for me in terms of cravings because for weeks I had been eating literally whatever I wanted, and I  found myself in the pantry many times just out of habit. What really kept grabbing my attention was the load of bread I had bought the previous day. I couldn't stop thinking about toast?! Of all things, lol! But I stayed strong, and here's what I ate instead..

Immediately upon waking up - 20 ounces of water.
Breakfast - Shakeology + whole banana, blended.
Mid Morning: Fiber Sweep + fresh lemon juice, blended.
Lunch: Vanilla Fresh shake + half a banana and a Tablespoon peanut butter, blended. Cucumbers with hummus, and strawberries.
Mid Afternoon: Mothers Milk Tea.
Dinner: Vanilla Fresh shake + half a banana, blended. Veggie stir-fry, and half an avocado.
*EMERGENCY SNACK: Apple with peanut butter.

+ tons and tons and tons of water! I like to buy gallons so I have a visual goal of how much I need to drink a day.

Doesn't sound bad, right? I modified extra calories by adding in more fruit, and a few extra servings of healthy fats. And I'm not super confident that anything in the "Mothers Milk" tea actually helps, but I drank it anyways. And if anything, it gave me something to keep my hands busy.

The best advice while doing any cleanse is to brush your teeth and go to bed, EARLY! And that would have been awesome, but of course Emily just started going through going some weird sleep regression where she's decided that she just doesn't need to sleep? So the hardest part for me was having super frustrating nights and not being able to eat to deal. That very first night, at about 2AM, I caved and had my "emergency apple." And it was much needed.

For my sanity..


Living vicariously through my child who got to have toast for breakfast, while I had to have a shake..

Wah, wah. Kidding. This was actually pretty easy for someone like me because I freaking LOVE shakes. Blended, they're like milkshakes. So three milkshakes a day? SURE. Sign me up! The only reason I even wanted toast was because it's comforting to me. And those are the kinds of things that are cool to learn about yourself while on a cleanse. It's as much of a mental cleanse as anything else. Especially important after a holiday or a vacation when the lines get blurred on what real food even is, lol. It's a good reminder that FOOD IS FUEL.

And it was SO NICE to be able to wake up in the morning on day two and see my bloat had already gone done tremendously. I tend to get really bloated in the upper stomach area, so I always know when I'm on track when that part gets sucked back in. It felt G O O O D. Let me tell you!

Besides the mental struggle at night, the hardest part was THIS. "Fiber Sweep" is notorious for being...tough to swallow. It's a fiber blend of whole ground flax, chia and psyllium seed husks, which doesn't taste so bad, but has an interesting texture, and when mixed with water, get's THICK. But this is hands down THE most important part as high fiber and tons of H20 is what's going to cleanse your system the most. (And NO, you will NOT be on the toilet with this. Not any more than usual!)

Best tip for this? Cup of cold water, three ice cubes, a Teaspoon of lemon juice, blend and drink QUICK. If you let it sit, it will get thicker, and harder to swallow. Literally, lol.

So besides not FEELING totally satisfied, I was totally fulfilled nutritionally + experienced no supply issues with my added modifications. 


Some say that day one is the hardest, but for me, it's day three. I feel so much better, I start to forget how crappy I felt in the beginning, and by now, I'm tired of the same routine, so I'm REALLY craving things like toast. It was Saturday, and I hadn't left the house in days, so I tried to busy myself with some errands. Target, Costco; the usual. But I ended up spending a little too much time out, so by the time I was leaving Costco, I was STARVING. So I ate an "emergency" handful of these mixed unsalted nuts in the parking lot, and called it my serving of healthy fats for lunch. 

There is a whole guide you get with an "approved "foods list, and nuts aren't actually on the list. But almond butter is, so I called it F I N E. Gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. 

John was out for most of the day/evening at a hockey game, so I had my final dinner alone, got Emily to bed and was planning on going to bed early...

But then he came home with some of his friends, and there was pizza, and I was like. "Okay cool, nice to meet you guys BUT I'M GOING TO BED." Lol. 

.....annnnd, fast forward to me up with Emily in the middle of the night, 2AM...looking at the clock and thinking, "well, it's technically" 

I had a piece of leftover pizza. And it was much needed. 

According to the scale, I lost about 5 pounds. Which is typical for this program, and I believe that. But what I really feel good about is that I'm feeling comfortable back in my jeans. (Midnight pizza and all.) My skin looks better, I'm drinking more water and my cravings for sweets in particular are back to a manageable place for me. But mostly, it was a fresh start from the stress of last month and brought me back to a good head space where I'm ready to move forward and get back on track with my health goals. 

I feel super, refreshed. 

More info about this cleanse can be found HERE. And looking for community + support? I'm your girl, xx. M


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