Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Yes. Totally just hashtagged that because if it's not a thing, IT SHOULD BE.

Anyone else feeling just like, a little EH today? Like you really want to get back to everyday life, and do awesome things, but you're body/mind is dragging behind? 

Or maybe it's just me because I was up multiple times last night pumping for my child who's decided she's grown now and would like to feed herself? (Not really complaining, yet.) OR maybe it's because there's not actually caffeine in this cup, because I decided to lay off the coffee this year? It's actually "Mothers Milk" tea because....#pumplife. 

Okay, okay. Done with the jokes, but really. Feeling like I just need to brain dump before I can get on with my life is all.

I got SUPER stressed out this holiday season. Maybe it was because I'm a Mom now and my expectations were higher than ever? OR because we had a ton of family coming to stay with us, and I ALWAYS get stressed over things like that. OR, it's because I'm going through another "valley" on my postpartum journey, and this month just felt super hard. And chemically - I'm off. As in, like I totally stopped taking my medication, so I'm adjusting. (Not the post to talk about it, but yeah.)

I don't know, I'm just going through a "thing" is what I feel like. And magically, I don't have all the answers on January 1st, lol. #GOFIGURE 

But answers will come, as they always do. So for this week, I'm going to allow myself to just holiday (+ SUGAR) detox. And maybe that should be a THING! Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to slam the door on the holidays, but take them in an extra week or so to remember the good parts. Because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who experienced an extra-high stress level last month, lol.  

So, all the really, really good I want to remember..

When I took Em to Chick-Fil-A for our very first lunch date. I texted John that I couldn't wait until she can talk to me. It was a very quiet lunch, lol. She was super into listening to the table of ladies next to us and their gossiping though. 

Tiny little 7-month old Em who crawls all over everything and everyone and looooves to ride in the Costco cart and smile at everyone. She's everyone's best friend (from a distance) in public, but the minute an actual family member takes her, she freaks out, lol. 

We took everyone out to Johns favorite BBQ place downtown + I felt super emotional because last time we were there, Em was just a little thing in my belly. Also babes, first mac-n-cheese. (With jalapeƱos, because TX.)

And another Costco shot- just because it was literally a cart full of alcohol + a baby. Not exactly the "picture" you imagine of being a parent, lol. 

And then - hands down - my favorite moment of Christmas was watching John put together Ems new toys. We got her this little, house thing that has a window. And I came out from the other room and they were looking at each other through the little window, AND I DIED. 

My least favorite memory of this holiday, would probably be Em with the flu. SO SAD. She would NOT sleep for the life of her one night, so at almost midnight, John was like - let's try the car? And it worked! So we got celebratory Taco Bell, lol. I don't even like Taco Bell, but we kept driving past it, and it sounded fun/funny. And then she totally woke up again once we got back home, of course..

All in all, I'd have to say that the holidays as a family was pretty great. It definitely put a whole lot more meaning behind everything. Like, even though I was pretty much DONE with sweets, I had to make cookies on Christmas Eve, because literally, a child lives here. And even though she doesn't know it yet, that means Santa comes, lol. And not pictured, but probably my favorite memory of John  + I this year was making those cookies. Nothing funny even happened, but it was just, cute. 


And speaking of - the one who made me a parent just woke up from her nap + is requesting a bottle, soo, gotta go! CHEERS, xx. 


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