Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I read a post recently on snacks and thought to myself...I have WAY better snack ideas, so here I am. Up past my bedtime writing them down for ya'll because like I always say -- sharing is caring. And it's a common problem area for a lot of people, including myself. Most meal plans will include a snack between breakfast and lunch, and then another between lunch and dinner. And those are pretty easy to stick to, in my opinion. But it's the after dinner....."wait, there's not another snack on my plan?" problem that I have. 

Like right now, guess what I'm snacking on...

This is new in my world, I haven't even insta storied about it yet, but I used to be addicted to Skinny Pop. THIS IS BETTER. Ingrediants are: popcorn, coconut oil, and sea salt. But John and I both agreed, it totally tasted like butter, somehow! Of course, you could really get carried away with this Costco sized bag, so my tip? Portion control using a small bowl, I find that three cups is almost always the perfect amount. *AND equal to one yellow if you're following my meal plan. 

A few other late night snacks that I love, and that don't totally ruin your day are: 

- Pistachios. Becuase they're one of those snacks that takea long time to eat, so you could have a small serving, and it'll take you an entire half hour show to eat. Plus, we're mostly eating in the evenings for fun, am I right? So this is a great option.

- Greek yogurt, peanut butter dip + apple slices. I've talked about this one many times before, but IT'S SO GOOD. Peanut butter is one of those things that we all easily consume 3x the amount we should, so adding Greek yogurt essentailly makes it last longer, and adds protein to it. And apples = crunch!

- And going off that same idea, a big hit in my online fitness community is fake "cookie dough." Don't get too excited though, it's definitely NOT even close to cookie dough, but if you're desperate enough/really commited to staying on track, it'll do. Mix Greek yogurt, little peanut butter, vanilla extract, a sprinkle of oats, and some mini chocolate chips.

MINI. MINI is the key here. If you're a chocolate person, mini chocolate chips are your best friend. A little goes a long way. Sometimes, I even throw them in my popcorn. But they have to be Ghiradelli, trust me.

Another thing I throw them on are rice cakes with a little peanut butter too. Rice cakes are such a "diety" food, and I'm really not a huge fan, or recommend them a lot for the simple reason that they're not going to make us full, so what's the point? Eat more of them? But they're a great vessel for peanut butter.

- peanut butter with banana.
- Greek yogurt with peanut butter.

OH, and another great way to eat peanut butter...


Again, just trust me! But moving on, more healthy snack ideas in no particular order:

- Mozzerella "snacking cheese." Which I actually have never had solo, but they're packaged in perfect proportions making it so easy to throw on a salad, or toss with some tomatoes and balsamic.

-  Cantaloupe a little pink himalayan salt. #TRUSTME

- Beef Jerky. I love this one from Costco. 

- Individual guac cups with sliced cucumbers. (Cucumbers are basically chips if you don't overthink it.)

- Cottage cheese, mixed with salsa (for protein) and multi-grain tortilla chips. 

- Frozen grapes, classic for summertime. 

- Spinach smoothies: handful of spinach, half a frozen banana, and water.

- Costco, organic applesauce pouches. Not just for kids! Straight up applesauce on the go! 

- Almonds. Always have almonds in my bag because I never risk being without food.

WHICH leads me to the grand finale of snacks today. You've probably wondered why someone with a sugar addiction who'd eat anything disguised as a cookie or a candy bar, hasn't suggested anything covered in chocolate. And truthfully, I totally would have not too long ago. Lara Bars were a staple of mine, with their "cake" names and all. But now these babies are in my life, and..


And I'm not just saying that because I bleed Beachbody, but because I DID used to always have a chocolate covered something on me at all times. And I DO consume things like this pretty reguarly. I don't do complicated as you can tell, and bars are as easy as it gets. But they're mostly crap. These are clean, 10 grams of protein and only 5 grams of sugar. I keep one in my bag, one in my car, and they make for a really awesome pre-workout meal too. 

Comes in peanut butter chocolate, and chocolate cherry almond. I like both equally, but if I had to choose...peanut butter, obviously. 

So, what did I miss? What are your go-to snacks that won't totally dereail you, but don't suck either? Sharing is caring, and caring is sharing rememeber!


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