Sunday, July 15, 2018


You know all those pictures you take that aren't good enough to gram, or when you just took 400 of your baby and it'd be weird to share them all, lol? These are mine from the past few weeks...

Em's at the splash pad. I did take about 400 pictures, and could have shared all of them, she's so stinking cute in a swim suit. Why can't I be this cute? OR ARE WE ALL ACTUALLY THIS CUTE?


And a random thought about donuts, I was on Pinterest the other day looking for quotes to share (bc I do that) and I came across this "quote" not once, but TWICE. It said "weights don't make women big, donuts do." Pissed me off, so just a reminder that literally anyone can put a quote to picture. Careful who you choose to follow. 

Pictures I send to my husband....

Cute backs of baby dresses from Target. 

Me throwing my child upside down in a photo booth.

Lots of mirror selfies don't make the cut, lol. But that's my job believe it or not. 
To work out, and show up.

AND to also share what I'm eating Which is really fun for me lately. I'm so excited to talk more about what I'm learning with Intuitive Eating...

 It's early, and I have a lot more work than I initially thought, but I think it's going to be a game-changer.

And add to another approx 400 photos + videos on my phone are Emily at Gym. She started when she was only 9 months, and it's been the coolest thing to watch her grow. She's a MONKEY. You should see her climb up on the couch! She pushes the button to recline it JUST enough so that it makes an inclince for her to get up, sort of like this.

Where I spend most lunches after Gym, hahaha. If she falls asleep on the way home, I just keep the car on and let her sleep so I have to eat or work from the garage. I took this shot to post about how I felt uninspired one day...

I wonder why, lol. 

More pictures to my husband. #SAHMLIFE 

Babys first In-N-Out Milkshake. *Kidding, not her first at all. 

Oh, and speaking of my husband. I do have one picture of him from the last month, hahaha. Probably one of my new favorites. From the other day when we all trekked to the hair salon together. Emily was a gem. She's like that in public, lol..

And now bringing it back to this morning, with another selfie in front another mirror to share with my online community about how I woke up in a mooooood. 

A "moooooooood" called, my-baby-was-up-for-two-hours-in-the-middle-of-the-night #becausemolars. I got over it though thanks to the help of my pre-workout, which if I'm doing my job right, you should all know that I LOVE.

Leaving me to end it on this note -- giving all these precious little babies away for anyone who joins my community in July. They're great for workout motivation, but really, they just bring me life. And I wanna bring everyone to life <3 

It's my calling. *that and being a Mom, of course lol..

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