Monday, October 29, 2018


It's soooo crazy to me that when I was 17 months old, my Mom had my little sister...


I guess it's like anything else though, you only know what you know. But, dang. I think I got lucky getting pregnant when I did since these two will be just under two years apart, so Emily will be (hopefully) talking more and basically acting like an adult by the time this baby comes. I mean, I'm kidding. But not really. She's such a big girl, that's actually what I call her now. "Big girl." (In a super small body because she won't eat, UGH.) She still needs me a lot, but mostly just because she can't drive or reach the shelves in the pantry.

(I know it will still be terribly hard, but I have plenty of time to not think about it, lol.)

I'm really random at doing updates, on both Emily and pregnancy, but seemed right being that today is that last day that I am 17 WEEKS pregnant and Em's is 17 MONTHS (for a few more days, lol). So, let's just roll with it...


Guess I'll start with me + baby since I really don't have much to update on. I can't feel the baby move yet, so just walking around with a huge belly hoping there's actually a baby in there. I don't know why I've been so worried this time around. But it's hard for me to imagine that I'm actually pregnant some days. Besides the belly, I feel pretty much normal and at my 15 week appointment, my doctor could barely find the heartbeat, so I was like...ok, cool, THAT'S Apparently the baby wasn't staying still, which is again - not very reasurring because THEN WHY CAN'T I FEEL HER YET?

John and I are 99.899999% sure on a name. And no, we're not telling. (But like "Emily," it's not anything shocking.)

My boobs are huge, and killing me. I was talking the other night about how exhuasted I was and I went, "I don't know why. I'm just so, so tired today." And John goes "probably because your body's growing those boobs." LOLOLOL. I totally expected him to end that sentance with growing a "BABY."

I can't sleep on my stomach anymore, which is the worst. By the end of my pregnancy with Em's I was obsessed with my snoogle and convinced I would sleep with it forever, but right now, I just want to sleep on my freaking stomach and I can't. (Or I can, but then I start to worry - "am I crushing her? Can she breathe? Does she breathe???)

Still eating all the fruit. Lots of breakfast food, and fruit.

(Still going through some weird spiritual experience.)

And then, um...the end, lol? Truthfully that's about it at this point. Things will get more exciting soon, I think. (That or second pregnancys are really just not as exciting to talk about as the first.)


Ems, Ems, Ems. Where do I even start...

Still going mostly by Ems. "EMILY CLARE" when she's being a shit and running away from me in the store - which is her new favorite thing. I can get her to stay in the cart if I'm lucky at first, but she apparently likes to shop. I lost her for a whole minute today at Target (felt like 100) and found her helping some woman pick out sports bras. The only way to really distract her is with snacks, so I usually go down the snack aisle and let her pick something out herself. So now our pantry is full of shit like Paw Patrol cookies that she won't even touch again.

*Side note: I have no idea how I'm going to do it with with two.

She has ZERO clue there's a baby coming, but can say "baby" now and knows what a baby is, so that's a start.

Other words she's saying lately: jump, dance (which sounds exactly like jump?), apple, MAMA and party? I don't actually think she's saying party, but I still find it funny to respond "Emily, no parties." I heard John from the kitchen the other day go, "what? Lipgloss?" Basically we just guess what she's saying, lol. But, omg - MAMA, finally! She doesn't say it lovingly or's more like when she's upset about something and she'll yell, "MAMA" in an Italian accent like..."MUH-MUH" But, I still love it and will do anything she says now.

Has a sixth sense and it's seeing and hearing dogs before anyone else. She'll point out a dog to me from miles away, and will let me know the dog across the street is barking with a, "woof woof."

Still surviving on a diet of mostly whole milk since she's apparently never hungry for real food. She'll eat apples, oranges (from a cup), blueberries, yogurt, a single bite of toast, pretzels, pistatchio shells and M&M's. Just kidding, she eats a few more foods - but that covers what she had yesterday. She for sure has a sweet tooth though, and when she see's anything chocolate goes, "mmmmmmmmmmm." Meaning, "gimmmmmmmme." I tried to open a peanut butter cup yesterday as quiet as I possibly could from behind the kitchen island and I hear this, "mmmmmmmmm" coming at me from around the corner, lol. Her hearing is just too good.

Was a late baby signer. But just picked up "more," which is fun because now instead of throwing a book at my head, she just signs more. But like all the other signs, she does it the lazy version and only uses one hand.

Drags this little kitchen stool all around the place now. It's just a small two-step that's ACTUALLY MINE since I'm so short, I've always needed it to reach the high cabinets, but now she's stolen it for herself. So now we're not only pulling everything out of the lower cabinets, but also the drawers. She's sort of obsessed and I have to hide it from time to time.

*No, we probably still won't baby proof. But we did just order the converter piece to her crib since I give it until the end of the year before she climbs out.

And then, most important guys. She sleeps. A lot. Like 12 hours at night, and then 2-3 hours mid-day. IT'S GLORIOUS AND I WILL BE SOAKING IT UP FOR THE NEXT HOWEVER MANY MONTHS BEFORE I SPEND ANOTHER YEAR NOT SLEEPING.


So, we good. Really, really good!

*And in case I have barely said anything about my husband (since baby #2 + Emily + myself basically live life like one person), he's good too.

Just trying to understand what happened and how he got stuck with all these girls.

(Kidding. I think.)


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