Saturday, January 26, 2019


Obviously not her, me I mean. But let me rewind to last week for just a second, so I can vent.

Emily had croup. Until like, yesterday.

You don't need to know what it is, just know that if your kid gets it, they will not sleep for a week and be so miserable, they'll take it out on you to the point of abuse. Emily must have picked it up at her last gym class, because she was totally fine one day, then when I took her into the Dr. the next morning (for some tummy troubles) (since all she eats are fruit snacks, probably) she had this super "barky" cough and within 24 hours was taken dowwwwwn.

It was bad. She couldn't sleep, couldn't breath, ONLY wanted me to hold her...

And John was out of town.

So for a week, she slept (kicked me) in our bed. We didn't leave the house. Watched hours + hours of Sesame Street. It was rough. I even kept her away from our only friends for fear of getting them sick too, so I was starting to get a little (a lot) stir crazy, and sleep-deprived...and hey -  wait. This sounds a lot like life with a newborn, no?


Ugh. Anyways - this post isn't about Emily living 'the life' in her king sized pillow. (Aka our bed.) It's about all the third trimester things I'm doing to relaaaaaxxx, and enjoy this time. Because I AM COMMITTED TO ENJOYING THIS TIME. Maybe later I'll talk more about how terrified I am, because OH. I am. But for now, these are the days.


Since nothing fits, and I'm tired of rotating (and washing) the same leggings over and over again and because I'm mostly at home anyways watching approx 6 hours of Elmo each day - I've decided that I'm only wearing loungewear from now on. Specificially my robe and this pair of pajamas that I picked up recently on clearance at Target. The most frustrating thing at this point is trying to dress normal. It's just not possible. Not to mention - EVERYTHING IS UNCOMFORTABLE. Will there be a time later in life when I wear jeans again? Of course. I hope. But it's not now. NOW is the time to live in bathrobes and matching pajama sets.

I feel 75, and I love it. *Except for the back pain, which relates next.


I wouldn’t have even considered getting a massage or any kind special treatment when I was pregnant with Emily, but it's a totally different story this time. When people say that every pregnancy is different I think what they mean is that the first is a breeeeze because you don't have to carry around anyone else's body weight on top of your own growing body weight and you get to sleeeeep and lay on the couch as much you want and take as many quiet, solo baths as you want to. (UGH. I miss those baths when I was preg with Emily. everysinglenight.)

And I am not kidding. That child won't even let me sit down on the couch most of the time. If I do, she screams. (Which is also why I watch so much Elmo, just so we can And so after the week I had with her when she was sick, carrying her around for days - I WAS DEAD. So John actually called to schedule me the massage and everything, and I didn't argue.


I texted John afterwards that either I'm just really pregnant, or it was the best massage I've ever had. I can't even put into words how good it felt. Whenever I get a massage (which is usually only for my birthday or something) I always get an 80 minute because it takes me a good 20 minutes to calm down, lol. And no exception this time - I was actually super uncomfortable at first because, hello. It's uncomfortable enough to be lying naked on a table without a gigantic belly. So it took me a little while to just turn off my thoughts, but eventually I did, and all I can say is that it was just SO GOOD.


I thought about hugging the women afterwards, but didn't. And then she left me a cupcake and I decided she was sent to me from heaven. It really is unlike me - but I'm getting two more at 34 and 38 weeks, lol.


Because I'm being so induldgent, I've also decided to spend my last trimester watching the Bachelor for the first time ever. *And yes, I googled "Bachelor, Demi" and choose this picture based on the robe since it only makes sense here.

I've always been anti-Bachelor / Bachlorette because A.) they're like, 5 hours long. And B.) because I was protesting romance, lol. But when I saw that a new season was starting a few weeks back, I dont know - something inside me just wanted to see what this whole thing was about. Start to finish.

AND I GET IT NOW. It's a thing because IT'S TOTALLY A THING. I'm hoooked.

I love that it's 100 hours long, and takes me all week to watch. I love the stupid romance. I may even belive some of it. (Facepalm.) So consider me a lifer. I will be watching every season, from now on. GOODBYE Teen Mom on Mondays. And surprisingly, John was like, "what? You've never watched the Bachelor!" So apparently he's been a secret fan or something, and he's watching it with me which makes it makes it a million times better because I laugh the entire time. Highly suggest watching it with your spouse.

You can guess who his favorite is. Or I could just tell you. It's Demi. The girl in the robe. (If you're watching, you know.)

Lots of fun.

And then a few non-photographed, not as important things that are elevating my life lately:

1. Risotto. I'm obsessed with making Risotto!
I always thought it was something that was really difficult or expensive to make at home for some reason, but it's actually really easy and there's something therepeautic about having to stir it for 30 minutes. THIS is the recipe I've been loosely following, although I'm sure there are better ones. Instead of white wine though, I use an equal mix of lemon juice and water, and I switch the vegetables up every time. I even got crazy and topped it with roasted shrimp last time. 

2.) Cinnamon in my coffee grounds.
This has probably been done for hundreds of years, I know. But I've been stepping up my coffee game since it definitely feels like a little luxury in my life right now. I actually have it on my list (titled) "before baby" to get some of those fancy coffee syrups because coffee after a night of being a parent, is everything. ANYWAYS - I saw this girl on instagram mix cinnamon into her coffee grounds, and I was like...why have I never thought of this before? Genius.

And 3.) last thing because I'm just winging this off the top of my head now, and Emily will be up from her nap any second screaming to be coddled: I bought this AIR DRY line at Target by Kristin Ess + if you're low maintenance like me, this stuff is GREAT. I don't blow dry my hair anymore, just air dry, braid it overnight and then in the morning I curl a few peices. Am I saying this is a good look? No. I don't know. Maybe. Lol. But I like it! It's only $10, and sort of heavily something about smelling my own hair and feeling like a lady, just makes me happy right now.


I really could go on and on about a few other things like, how much I love my heating pad or the mocktail I've been making every night, etc..but she awake. #elmotime

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